Alex & Spider

Alexander Michael Ziperovich

when the spider finally died, its quivering throes of death no longer,
i lost some of my fear yet some of my fear grew stronger,
i killed that spider with a gruesome finger,
now that spider,
he sits in my dreams, whispering things, a crawling, lingering fiend,
remnants of the plagues in my mind that do not care,
sentiment like throwing an ice cube in the jaws of a polar bear offered meat,
hatred/contentment, nothing so bitterly sweet,
but the taste of broken, fixed again redemption heavens,
and i crawl and i speak- i killed that spider with the hand that i write with, and the spider will forever kill me,
he’ll be there inside those nights that i fight with,
those nights that are blood from knife slits,
those nights that take a man,
turn him into a knives kiss with just one lip- a transaction;
life maxim turn into a Phoenix, dazzle em, sassy castle on the hill-
look your eyes into their eyes and kill as they kill,
the spider in my pillow plotting, following my breath,
me staying awake to monitor the great monstrosity in my head,
even with enough water and bread, this monster,
he keeps coming and he keeps wanting more than i can

I Will Now Expunge

Alexander Michael Ziperovich


i light my eyes on fire after the completion of this

this soul i vomit out splattered onto this page

chunks of hate; love; loathing; desire; regret; pain,

so many carrots, peas undigested

a disgusting rectitude but colorful

the family of blasphemy

and all the world remains indifferent

and all the world remains indifferent to this tragedy

like an illegal mexican immigrant packaging rasberries

as prostate cancer remains indifferent to cranberries

the entire mess displayed like a picasso painting

whilst auntie 2, 3, & 4 do their best to console us,

non-sequiturs about her mother not being consistently complicit

in the love of my life’s tainting? bathtub screaming pedophiliac raping

as if it was a fucked up painting instead of a shattering of a beautiful girl

and the razors inside her were not making loud sounds scraping away her soul,

her soul being sold; sold for nothing, just taken


little girls thrown into slavery

little girls turn into women with infected wounds,

and a life that impatiently needs replacing

or a life they give up to be taken by satan or death

THIS. this, you unfit m0th3r, is your disgusting

complacence, your skull vacant leaving good filled with hatred,

i love this girl you brought into this world only so you could ensure she’d be raped,

raped and forsaken

as you lay dying a ragged old tuberculosis tumor fake caring

amazing at tearing organism in some lonely hospice/orphanage,

perhaps then, just maybe all alone in that pit on your way to the next,

will you know what it feels like to be prey; swearing to yourself everyday

that what you did was not the same as laughing and setting traps,

setting traps for your daughter to fall into until her spiritual, emotional, physical

neck snapped and she collapsed because of something you might refer to as a

“momentary lapse” in judgement but we all know the facts

i hope your tears are of the same blood that came from your child

as you let old men, as you heard and watched and gleefully allowed her to be


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