My broken new spectacles.

My broken new spectacles.

Alexander Ziperovich


Vision 20/20 dateline,

See nothing,

Place time.


A shattered illusion that you could have once seen,

Had it been not for the dreams of your dreams of your dreams,

Awaken to absinthe and cappuccinos and more dreams of dreaming’s of funerals and scorpions.


Pianists fluttering Chopin E minor,

Nocturne like a nihilistic suicidal flyer,

The end is near, late stage in a metastatic hanger.


Drone broken,

Bumblebees and butterflies,

Take that cigarette you’re smoking and give it alive.

Into The Light




i’ve been scared of spiders since forever
and forever is really just how far back i can remember
which is not that far


“it’s like an antidepressant!” here i refer to just one bump
arylcyclohexylamines for everyone! especially me!
i’ll beg & i’ll plead for just one more grain of something crystalline

our favorite thing?
ketamine pee is blood urine
a bleeding dick?
oh, how lovely,
did i mention involuntarily being committed more than a few times around the country?
california fifty-one fucked me – i must be unlucky?
“ghhrrrrn”, the sound of me snorting my brain into a psychiatric ward is funny!

drugs love me/as a writer it was exhilarating forgetting

yes, dissociatives aplenty mixed with amphetamines so i never sleep and miss a moment of
this deliberate, horrifying waking dream that is the reality of casually
breaking my brain with a drug they call









burn, burn, burn

and you couldn’t figure out what to do

she brings me a cup filled with ice and water
that man by the steps , “i need food”, he keeps begging
i stumbled up on him chanting “food” and “will you help…”

our bloodshot eyes, they met
i offered him some bagels from across the street
he waved me off with fierce eyes full of the no_thing of hell
this man did not want bagels
this man with all that blood in his ears, beard dripping
eyes all fire

he wanted fire, real & crippling
there were deliveries and deliverance’s
that had to be made

his eyes spoke crispy
the devil ‘s constituency don’t want food
satan and his emaciating impatience

the devil ain’t hungry
he already ate

the man

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