The Origin of Loneliness

The Origin of Loneliness






The pendulum of the sun stolen from the ground to vanish back into the dirt of the earth
that’s where our aloneness begins, our terror of having and not having ourselves
the sun’s abandonment of us
every day of our lives
evasively slips away
like it wasn’t ever
there at all

The moon rises to fill the gaping abyss that is the sky when the sun no longer burns
the desiccated, glowing moon, injured and broken, showing us our fragile reflection
dark holes that lie beneath the moonshine, a pockmarked face, a pained face
a face we know when we examine ourselves because it is like our pained face
the sun’s violent, hysterical burning, us desperate for its wonderful agony
leaving us melanoma to take from us our skins and lives but leaving warmth
the moon is harmless and beautiful
alone and ugly, like us
but without the light
given by sun’s burn
we die, because
we cannot
see each

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