A Diet of Shattered Pearls

by Alexander Michael Ziperovich


little chunks of morphine caught in my teeth, caught in my jaws
always devouring, chewing, these bitter pearls into shards
to no avail, no significant avail
quell the fever, kill the fear, embrace the pain
paint dripping down my face, blood clouding my eye
are my crimes crimes? and if they are, am i to be punished when i die?
are the world denies it
with all the cold denial of the world
what are we if not inspired; lost in this infinite sea of indifference and loss
what are we?
artists with spilled pain(t)
writers with leaky pens that won’t write
where is the beauty?
hidden in a dirty bathroom stall?
where is the beauty?
stealing opiates from cancer patients?
where is the beauty?
where has it gone?
and the death of wonder has left me dead numb
i am apologetically me, alexander
as the sun sets on fire in the sky

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