i want to eat myself

by alex ziperovich

disneyland & starbursts
what is inside this man, this man whose scars make his heart smirk
bitter is the flavor, neighbor.

have you tasted or even savored that taste, that taste of waste devouring waste?
eat a chimney, bellow pain, world rewinds to the same damn thang,
i killed mickey mouse right before i incinerated art – for god & war & all things sang.

i spilled my scotch on the devil‘s shirtsleeve,
he looked over at me grinning immortality,
and he sang a something that went like this:
“one moment of peace for a botched robbery is bliss
two die zero speak grief but that damn virgin, god does she bleed,
(he leaned in whisperin’) between the sheets she makes me weep!”
his boots a knockin’ he turned round & hissed,
“that bitch virgin mary gave me syphilis”
and he couldn’t stop laughing
him smiling pearly suns
i said, “devil, how come you so mean & so fun?”
he smiled snarled and barked back at me through his cocaine teeth,
he said, ain’t ya heard?

“god had twin sons…”

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