Love Poem


i love you this much:
heroin/cocaine uncut refraction, my north star
a cowardice you drink it out of my eyes and my iris’ feel dry
but blood as red as a registered syringe runs through
my heart
my heart
my heart
you have a heart and it’s damned pretty even beauty
beauty yours
beauty yours
beauty yours
my heart jumps and waddles its way into your drinking, drunken E Y E S

sophie’s voodoo sophistry gathering the hopelessly me
until i do not burst; indeed i hope to free us;
these burdens mine and yours like sirens i have no choice:
like all sounds screaming in the night
we hear them
you hear us
the evil fears us; fake dice they toss craps,
you have revealed us and by us i mean me,

p l e a s e don’t stop l o v i n g me
you voyeur to my pre/post indiscretions until one day,
one day our need my needs; your need for my needs,
it all comes together
and i can stop fighting and
all the red lights at all the intersections will die

our days are only numbered in the moments
the seconds i gather my soul look in your eyes silently
begging atonement
its very lonely
it was always solitude
you have fallen into me, my swamp, my desert of ingratitude that is:
it’s something still and endless and embattled that you,
you sink into to clutch my trembling hand to you;

and all of the other things a poet might write about
the love of his life that aren’t just junked up junkie platitudes

none of this is junkie platitudes this is alex grasping
at all your gleaming sugar so i can stomach the moments
handfuls of tragic – it has to, had to have been you,
will always be you, making me not so sad you (life)

i won’t give up as long as…
i just won’t fucking give up as long as i have you
as long as you have me centuries millenia hours milliseconds

i won’t let your hand go at the bottom of my murky bog,
and we never ever have to ever again be alone in that draping,
that smotherfuck of f o g.

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