How To Die A Thousand Times In One Day

Alexander  Ziperovich

Act like things are going to be okay & suddenly set yourself on fire, full display, fervently
    dance in chaotic circles setting everyone else ablaze, avert your eyes from theirs
      as you watch them turn to ashes, then watch their ashes crumble &
          decay, laugh as they beg for mercy as you eat icing from their cake
                but never forget that you’re here to cause pain

Fly up to the ceiling, grab the chandelier & swing from it until glass is strewn in tiny                pieces smothering humanity, bring yourself to watch the insanity you’ve caused,                        the key is not to feel a thing because feeling nothing is the gift, avoid                                 self-disdain at all costs, you’re the chosen one, be what you are,                                             never what you wish

Ice cold & frozen imposing like a statue of Ming, bury pieces of yourself in the soil
    & the birds will find them in the spring, recycled back into nature, fighting still,
        be poisonous herbicide, just make sure you keep on killing or being killed
            & as the wings from the birds crack off, falling, you can be the                                               interminable disease, the rapacious eater, never dying or                                                                                living either

Drown in a bathtub filled with heroin & ice cubes, no one will rescue you, find rectitude,
    preferably in Paris where there will be minimal investigation because you’re
        hated, visiting artistè, your grave shall be defiled and routinely spit on by                                         pregnant women and priests

Push on & let go, say no, say yes, drop into the darkness, feel no regret, let gin mix
with your guns, stop feeling bad for all the horrible shit that you’ve done, start                       feeling good like a King that has conquered a thousand villages with                                           torches burning churches and orphanages with dainty little candles                                                 that smell like oranges


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