Our Song

symphonyBy Alexander Michael Ziperovich

You don’t know, you all in my hands like they haven’t beat fists through souls, these unclean hands you hold as if they were gold,
so bold,
giving me your love to hold,
you this lone orchid but my cold wind howls and blows,
smashed flowers before yet you let me touch through to you
and I watch your garden grow, flowers explode flashing brilliance in the sun like light reflected from
magnesium bulbs-

So, I suppose our eyes were our exposure in repose,
you saw me and I saw your heart, like mine, in throes,
don’t hurt me, it hurts too much to be alone, scared,
but you and me and me and you, you lost my cold like you’re spring melting my winter snow, something rare,
our heart beats shared intertwined something I never
thought possible, something divine and I’m scared-
and now I’m bare, all the wounds that I am- something,
something must keep you near,
perhaps a sound only the both of us can hear,
the symphony between our eyes that became our love
where there was once just air…

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