It’s Been So Long



By Alexander Michael Ziperovich

I can’t help but think,
me without you, you without me –
how cruel of the world to let that be,
some kind of sadistic iniquity – but,
you came here and you’re with me,
and every single time that you kiss me the flames of this
fire we’ve lit free rise up to lick me,
until every doubt is burnt,
burnt black crispy,
this blaze engulfs me just consumes us,
our beauteous touch,
stars so high up colliding showering us,
a dust of flushing plush starlust twinkling in our dusk,
the stars must regard us as far up,
sitting atop the heavens just bright twinkling starloves,
our love, up there embracing our hearts touched,
among all the fire of the stars ours was enough and like the sun it was blazing,
the sky painting pictures of us, yes, so far up and all the lonely stars softly staring stargazing at us because they know,
they know how long we’ve been waiting

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