You Can Dance On My Stars If You Want To

Alexander Michael Ziperovich

for my pie in the sky


You can dance on my stars but they might burn your feet

            Wear those boots I like cause I like your feet neat!


You can dance on my stars but you might fall and hurt yourself

            I’ll have some crutches waiting for when you float down to earth


You can dance on my stars if I can dance on yours, you can dance on my sun without getting burnt and you can dance on my fun but then you might get hurt,


My stars for your stars- we could trade

            But I don’t like dancing on stars unless the stars are grade-A

                        Cause stars break like anything else and one second your dancing,

                                    Right by the moon,

                                                Next minute your careening back to Jello with spoons

And nurses in polyester trying to make you pee in a    tube


My stars are weird, sometimes they bite,

            Do your stars bite? When they burn bright you can dive into space and just about always you won’t land on your face, cause I’ll be floating around to catch you-

                                                                                                                         just in case


Dancing on stars is fun, fun, fun

            Stars with no memories, stars just bright baby suns


I hope my stars are fun and you can dance all night, hopping through galaxies, avoiding blackholes in space but never avoiding my sight,


I hear love is the only music you can dance on stars with, so if you can provide the playlist then you have permission, but don’t get it twisted, I wanna dance near you but I don’t want collisions, just love, love, love and perhaps some falling stars to make wishes on while we’re kissing.



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