Love Poem

Food for my emaciated soul, chicken soup for my dilemma of living,

Hi there, you just caught me flipping out thoughts, wishing I could be more like                                     something you lost, so I could be more like something you                                                                                                                                                             found.


I know I’m all wrong & you’re all right, give me some love & things’ll be all right.

And so it goes, love hot like glaciers melting from greenhouse gases but I just look at your eyelashes and it keeps me sane so I don’t do nothing stupid like stick something in my pain.

Thinking about children possibly red haired with incredible intelligence that only

The pair of us could forebear, for bear? For Pie, no lie, baby you keep me


For a razor a thorn that grew out of your rose I’m not that harshly jagged and sharp like             many presupposed, what a miraculous thing, very true, a girl finds a fucking                                     mess and cleans it up and then falls in love with it cause her feelings are                                                                                                             stuck like krazy glue.


My love’s like a candle with three ends burning impossible, I never thought I’d make it to the ripe old age of 25, let alone 22, so I guess I exist primarily to write poetry, all for you, cause you brought me through the opiated fog where I could have just been another fallen log dead and remorseless rotting in the forest unnoticed and morbidly hopeless, no choir, no chorus, just a sad bunch of souls wishing, touching arms of the living, in bliss, in bliss, we hope they feel no pain as they are now no longer living but I could be back there with them, I miss Chris and Tyler Gouge and you guys can thank my love for helping me stay on this side of the fence, where you can taste a kiss so good it feels like heaven just made room for us and our lips.


Walk with me once so I can show you myself and you can do the same, let’s run rampant across the world and steal it for ourselves, the oceans are ours, the moon is our lamp emitting glorious light, come to bed at night and fight for the rights of all the stars, the dead bright lights and we’ll keep em’ in jars, I glorify things, perhaps, but baby love, can you really fault a guy that’s been to hell and back a few times too many the devil don’t want me back and so here I am, attached to the map.


I got a gift in the form of this girl.


I got a gift in the form of this girl.


I got some bliss and I forgot about the world.

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