Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre


The new pariah is here – please lay out the frayed red carpet

The sky like red wine clouded opaque with blood,

Could be blood clouded with red wine

Sunsets are all beauty and sadness

The blackness of night cauterized with burning cigarettes

We keep our love close and our bottles of poison closer, we find a way to keep it all

We find ways to be invisible because it’s hard to see and to be seen, eyes agape

And when we fall we call it dancing and we can dance like that forever

Dead stars shot in the chest for being too bright, for enraging the man dying in the desert,

Firing shots up into the sky screaming, if he has to die than the stars are going with him, and he fires his rifle at the fragile glittering gems hoping to see them fall, fall like fire and rain

Til’ he’s deaf to everything but his heartbeat and his gun

Laying down on the underbrush and the sand,

The underbelly of the earth holding him down

Like organic four point restraints

His fury burning bright alive

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