Sharpening My Heart With Diamonds

Sharpening My Heart With Diamonds

Alex Ziperovich


Battle fatigue, fragments of me scattered so skeletal, fighting all wars but I’m never full

            Tragedy laughing at me so hard ribs crack like sticks, you’ll adore me some more

                        My single scream no one heard, toxic inhalation truth, blooming in tombs


Rusty gates opened with a screwdriver and hate, my land bubbling up like chemical rain

            Frying my eggs calmly, get it right let me see the blood and push it in like a rape                                                                                                       victim screaming ‘get off me!’


Stay frosty and don’t let the fury choke you up, in the sun in dream, shadows hoist me up

            Seething seeing freezing off limits believing, sniper vision with a spotter the best                                     accuracy and precision aiming the gun backwards into my chest

                                                                                     screaming let’s kill em!


Burning faces without faces, wind scraping sidewalk diplomats into hallways, erasing

            Face the devil, face the wall, inhale your bullet and fall, fall, fall and no one heard


Crying to salt your meat, cannibal feasts to treat your guests, the last ones left, hearts beat

            Need is a gun, a bullets your home, born into a raging storm breaching my bones

                        Feeding yourself, believing in hell, sit at a table of morality and try not to                                                                                                 bleed yourself or eat your health


I keep killing myself on accident witnesses coming forward I blame it on happenstance

            A Christmas tree syringe with bells and all whistles whistling to me like missiles

                        Fly Fly Fly, Fruit Fly Die in ten seconds but he lived a good life and he                                                                                                                         never once cried


Steal this paper and steal this pen and write my last fucking pain down so I never have to

            write it again, because it gnaws on me until I have to FIX it and so I go

                        Where we all go to make the problems go away with elixirs distilled from

                                    Starving infants tears brewed blissless, waiting for kisses, listless


I’ll make a star in the sky and climb up a ladder and live on a piece of burning matter,

Burn the good burn and strike with force, this world was made for hunting with a torch

                        Grabbing onto the last thing I got but it’s dissipating like a glass of scotch

                                    I only wish I can find a rock inside of me where the hole used to be

                                                I can make everything beautiful again if I act cruel brutally

                                                            Kill the things that are bad like antibiotics, sad sad

                                                                        Reach out my arm and grasp your tiny hand

                                                                                    I’ll fix it somehow a special tincture

                                                                                                And I’ll be the king of my

                                                                                                            Own deliverance

                                                                                                And for those that never

           Minced words or fixtures and loved me even though I’m fucked up and splintered.




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