The Sensation Of Losing Your Soul In Verse

Alex Ziperovich

I feel like i was born into the wrong skin Like my love is made of battery acid and crystal meth And my heart tries to jump out of my chest cause it wants some reciprocation, any reciprocation, some vindication or validation or anything or something and i cant find it i find nothing in this desert this beautiful wasteland so i fucking tear my beating blood dripping heart out of my fucking chest, collapse to my knees into the boiling sand and i just throw my fucking shit ragged infected excuse for a heart at the sun burning fire in the sky, my venomous eyes burning with it at war And i watch the sun, as i take my last breath in this fucked up alien place i never asked for, i watch as it devours my scared fluttering heart and it looks down and screams laughing at me, i watch my heart get chewed into nothing and spit back out in a million directions and the sun turns off like a light bulb, looking satisfied, my cardiac blood sliding down its chin like rivers.

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