Photo of Kuki Taher, Everything Digital Operations Director

Kourosh taher

operations Director & Co-Founder

He deals with all things technical and biscuits. Kuki by name, cookie by nature

Affectionally known as the ‘Kuki Monster’, we chat with Kuki about his role at Everything Digital and his affliction for all things cookies

What do you do at Everything Digital?

  • I oversee the entire operations line, we’re talking paid social, search engine optimisation and all things data. With a passion for Google and Facebook Ad campaigns, I’m providing you with the best services start to finish. I’m all about the data, not only is it used to make adverts better but we want to make sure all clients have a clear understanding of their entire online portfolio, from websites to social, so everyone is in the know.


Unofficial Role

  • The ‘Kuki Monster’ is my office pet name, I’m just saying that if people didn’t want me to ‘borrow’ their biscuits then they shouldn’t leave them around.

Biscuits Stolen since Founding: 385


What would you do if you weren’t in your current role?

  • I think I’d be an actor, back in the day I played Caliban in a stage play of The Tempest and we got an amazing reception. I’d like to work with my creative side more and be able to put my own spin on each character I work with. 


Dream Job?

  • A Musical Theatre Actor, I’ve already got a taste for the stage and I’d love to be able to take the leap and do it in the future.  


Favourite Campaign?

  • Rollersnakes have amazing products and branding to use, making our work a dream. It’s always great to build up campaigns and keep increasing earnings time and time again.


All time favourite marketing campaign?

  • Burger King. Obviously being fond of the food but their marketing against competitors has been amazing. Whilst McDonalds was flooded with bad reviews on social media due to a Big Mac shortage, Burger King’s social team replied to every single negative review with a voucher for The Whopper. Amazing piece of marketing in response to a competitor’s downfall.


Dream Client?

  • I loved working with King Apparel and I’d love to be able to work with a sustainable fashion house, promoting both of my passions. Working with Reformation would be amazing, anyone that has an ethical process throughout their brands, sustainability and ethical sourcing is the only way forward. 


Interesting Fact?

  • Willing to do any dare for a 50p.