Photo of Siân Thompson, Everything Digital Marketing Executive

Siân thompson

Marketing Executive

Our newest member Siân is known as the feisty one. With her big ideas, aggressive motivation and blunt honesty

As unofficial Resident DJ, any changes to the office playlist and you’re hearing from her! Join us as we talk with Sian about everything from Astrophysics to Skincare.

What do you do at Everything Digital?

  • Social media and content creation is my main focus at the moment. I love creating effective social media strategies for clients, managing their social accounts and creating an engaging community for their brand.

Unofficial Role?

  • I’m the definitely the skincare fanatic in the office! I can’t think of anything I love more than skincare and buying new plants, and I’m slowly but surely converting the office!
Skincare regimes taken over: 2 (I’m working on the rest!)


What would you do if you weren’t in your current role?

  • I really enjoy creating content and shooting products for my skincare account! I love anything that’s creative and allows me to work with exciting products so I’d definitely be building that up and honing my photography skills.

Dream Job?

  • Astronaut! I’m really fascinated with Astrophysics and love learning everything I can about outer pace and the exploration of planets.

Favourite Campaign you’ve worked on?

  • Freelancer Network has been the most exciting project to work on! I love that I’m able to be involved in such a positive start up and help students and graduates find work and gain confidence in such challenging times.

All time favourite marketing campaign?

  • I really like the IKEA campaign by Mother. They use their own products within popular trends to promote their items and it’s really well designed and creative!

Dream Client?

  • It’s between Lush or Body Shop. Both have amazing campaigns and strong values around economic and social sustainability. Working on their campaigns would be amazing, not only do I love their values – I love their products too!

Interesting Fact?

  • Anything and everything there is to know about gin… I know it. Previously I was a bartender at a gin bar, so I know the perfect botanicals and pairings to go with your favourite gin.