Photo of Jordan Gatenby, Everything Digital Head of Paid Search

Jordan gatenby

Head Of Paid Search

As our office Geordie, we make Jordan work from home so we don't have to hear him...

Join us as we talk to our office Geordie, Jordan about everything Paid Search and Boro!

What do you do at Everything Digital?

  • As Head of Paid Search I look after everything Paid Media. From optimising Google Campaigns so we get the maximum returns, I make sure everything runs smoothly with paid ads.

Unofficial Role?

  • Erm, I’m probably best known as being the best looking ginger in around 5 counties! (Fact disputed) 
Counties Proven: 0 (so far)


What would you do if you weren’t in your current role?

  • Probably play Xbox all day! Just kidding, at college I studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering but once I qualified I started an apprenticeship in Paid Search. If I wasn’t in Paid Media I would be somewhere around the electronics industry so still digital! 

Dream Job?

  • I’ve always dreamed of being a footballer (of course) but quickly grasped that wasn’t going to happen! 

Favourite Campaign you’ve worked on?

  • Rollersnakes, we managed to turn performance around within the first 4-6 weeks to some staggering numbers through the implementation of new campaigns including the testing of smart bidding which worked exceptionally well! They also stock some pretty cool gear on their website too which makes a campaign easier to work on if you have an interest in their products.

All time favourite marketing campaign?

  • There’s been a few very clever pieces of marketing recently, however my favourite is Burger King’s #TheStevenageChallenge. Burger King became the main club sponsor of the lowest ranked professional football team in England at the time which led to global popularity through the FIFA 20 online video game. Burger King then launched a social media challenge where fans were urged to play as the fourth division side on FIFA and send in their best goals, skills or moments from games in exchange for prizes. The football team sold out of shirts for the first time in their history and Burger King are still the sponsor today!

Dream Client?

  • I’d absolutely love the chance to be able to run marketing campaigns for a football club. Preferably Boro!


Interesting Fact?

  • My greatest achievement is that I can drink a pint of larger in around 3 seconds (there is video proof).