Photo of Siân Thompson, Everything Digital Marketing Executive

Siân’s Profile

Siân thompson Marketing Executive Our newest member Siân is known as the feisty one. With her big ideas, aggressive motivation and blunt honesty Facebook Linkedin

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Photo of Jordan Gatenby, Everything Digital Head of Paid Search

Jordan Profile

Jordan gatenby Head Of Paid Search As our office Geordie, we make Jordan work from home so we don’t have to hear him… Facebook Linkedin

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Photo of Joe Stecyk, Everything Digital Client Director

Joe Profile

josef stecyk Client Director & Co-Founder From clients to the Everything Digital team, we talk with Josef on how he keeps everyone smiling Facebook Linkedin

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Photo of Kuki Taher, Everything Digital Operations Director

Kuki Profile

Kourosh taher operations Director & Co-Founder He deals with all things technical and biscuits. Kuki by name, cookie by nature Facebook Linkedin Envelope Affectionally known

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