Shopify is a fully contained eCommerce platform which allows you to create beautiful websites.

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Ecommerce Platform

Shopify is a dedicated and completely contained meaning you can host, create and sell products without the need to jump across platforms.

Shopify Dashboard

The dashboard gives you the tools to manipulate your store and is designed to be as simple as possible and user friendly.

Manage your sales, shipping and orders from one place.

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Email Marketing

Email campaigns in your Shopify have never been simpler. It allows you create and track emails delivered so you can monitor growth rate, add to carts and purchases.

Fast & Secure

Shopify is globally hosted platform with dedicated hosting and security features.

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Active buyers using the Shopify Platform.


Number of orders per minute in 2018 over the Black Friday period


Growth of the global ecommerce market in the last 7 years.


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