The photo sharing platform is second to none for visual advertising, whether you’re looking at organic or paid social media. 

Creating eye catching images and videos for your brand can provide a wealth of engagement and chance to create a community on the platform.

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Enhanced Targeting

Instagram allows for enhanced targeting, increasing your chance of conversions on the platform. With the ability to target by age, gender, location and behaviours, you’re able to build custom audiences to target consumers more accurately. 

Integrate Shopify

Instagram allows you to integrate Shopify on the platform, sharing you product catalogue to audiences within your posts and stories. This feature means your audience can convert on the site without leaving the platform, making for an easy and efficient user experience.

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Brand Appeal

Aesthetic advertisements fit well with your audience’s feed on the platform, organic posts can be repurposed into paid advertisement to create a more appealing image of your brand and products. Once audiences are familiar with seeing your brand throughout their social media, they are more likely to trust the company and purchase.


Facebook + Instagram

The sister company of Facebook enables you to create similar advertising campaigns as Facebook in order to attract your target audience base, this includes the use of carousel, image and video adverts. Once you have a created an advert on Facebook, this can automatically be transferred to Instagram if desired.

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81% of Instagram users research products on the platform


50% of users are more interested in a brand after seeing it in an Instagram advert


The average post uses 10.7 hashtags


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