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Who We Are

Everything Digital was formed for one simple reason, to change the way agencies work with brands. The founders and staff members have 30+ years experience in both digital marketing and marketing in general. Something that was identified at the start of our journey, is that we don’t want to be the same as other agencies out there. We want to be fully transparent with everything we do and retain our customers on merit, instead of locking them into a ridiculous contract.

It might sound cliché but after speaking to some of our clients, the above is what businesses want and is the opinion of a great deal of businesses that have used the vast majority of larger marketing agencies.

The reality is that advertising your business online through organic or paid channels shouldn’t just be done using one channel. If you want to scale, you have to be aware of the effect that every channel (including your website) has on your digital footprint. Everything links together!

We care about the clients we have and we aim to keep them for life. We can’t do that without great results and complete transparency.

Established at the start of 2019, we’re relatively new to the digital scene as Everything Digital. We are however seasoned experts in the industry and have lots of happy clients to prove it. Our customer retention rate is something we’re very proud of so, every new client we work with our aim is to keep them on our books for life!

1463% Growth

In 2020 Everything Digital and their clients saw a 1463% increase in revenue on average across all accounts.

£1 Million+

Over £1 Million on Ad Spend was managed by Everything Digital in 2020 across Google and Facebook Ads


Over 250,000 sales were made in 2020 through Ad accounts managed by Everything Digital across Google and Facebook.

Our Goals

This is the part where agencies say, “we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve and continuously strive to be the best at what we do”. Well, we do all of that but something that sets us apart from the others is, we’re brutally honest with our clients and believe that full transparency is the only way to keep clients forever. Look at it this way, as a business owner you need to know the truth whether it’s good or bad. So our aim is to be as open and honest as we possibly can be, so we’re able to come up with a solution and formulate the best plan possible to move forward.

Customer Case Studies

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From your website to SEO or Google Ads to Facebook Ads, we need to know what your digital economy looks like before we get started.

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Every aspect of your digital footprint is continuously changing, your digital marketing needs to reflect that. It’s important to keep up with your own growth and be agile in your approach.

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You know best what you want to achieve. Everyone has different priorities, so we’ll work closely with you to make sure we’re achieving exactly what you need.

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We use every fragment of data that your brand has collected. We then collate it and use Big Metrics© to tell us exactly where and when we need to make optimisations.

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